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I used to go to my office through the train. One day it got late for me to get ready. So, I ate my breakfast very quickly. NOTE: Please don't skip the breakfast. I was in a hurry to catch the train. I didn't have time to wear my socks. So, I grabbed and dumped my socks in my bag and I hurried to the station to catch the train.

I need to go around 200m to reach the railway station. Somehow, I managed to catch the train. The train was heavily rushed. So, the socks remained dumped in my bag. After I reached my office, I reported to ITP bay. It was uncomfortable to wear the shoes without the socks. It was sticky and annoying. It started sweating in there, so went to the restroom and wore my socks.

There sparkled an idea. Consider like, the person as a company and let shoes be the client. If they both meet it will lead to some uncomfortable state without the socks i.e., employee. To wear the shoes i.e., To get the Client, the Person i.e., the Company must have some good socks i.e., good employees.

To make employee as the trained and well-equipped employee the Company must wash the socks i.e., they must train the employee and upskill them periodically. Or if the company fails the above step they must face the consequences.

The smell of unwashed socks is awful. Another thing to be remembered like the unwashed socks will cause some problem and irritation to the person. Then the person must spend some money to get medicine for that wound. I hope you can relate. Sometimes the medicine can cost millions of dollars.

It is natural that the person will throw the socks which are not useable anymore. The tragic part is that the person is throwing the socks which can be reused by washing. My kind request is Please try washing the socks in different detergent i.e., train them in a different stream and try to reuse them. Thanks, and peace out.