× My First day @ Bench College to Corporate A day in IT without Socks Life @ Bench LUCKY ME

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After completion of my Stream Training, I got a mail regarding the next move. I eagerly opened the email to know the information lying in the mail. The message notifies “If you don’t get any hard lock mail, kindly please report to ITP (bench) leads available in your location” This is the exact statement, I have received through mail. Most of my Batchmates got this mail. I was happy when I saw this mail, because my friend once told that Bench is the period the company will pay you for seeing movies, sleeping in the office AC hall. I was learning hard to clear my fundamentals and my stream exams. We were asked to score 60% in our exams. This was hard for people, who are coming from non-IT background.

That evening as soon as I went home, I started browsing net on what all things can be done during bench. They suggested me with some ideas. After some time, I was into the processing of selecting the movies for the next day. Note: Please don’t forget to take your earphones.

The next day morning, when I entered 100s of people were standing crowded. We all are in confusion where to sit and what to do. There was a bay with many systems and some of them were occupied. Among them, some people were wearing headsets and continuously starring at the monitor. I thought they were working seriously on some projects.

Some person in our group started marking manual attendance in a white paper. The next one followed. Everyone in our group marked their attendance. Note: During Bench, manual and online Attendance to be marked thrice a day. Every employee tagged to ITP should enter the manual attendance in the morning time once you enter the office and once you complete the lunch and finally when one leaves the office. I think this is the only official work we will be doing during bench.

I was waiting for the right time to start watching the movie. Then I grabbed a chair and clicked the play button. Occasionally I peeked at every direction and was observing what Everyone is doing and then continued watching movie.

Suddenly a person came and told us to change our supervisor name in all the company websites. Done. Then again clicked the play button. As usual Stomach started alarming. Lunch time. Note: Don’t forget to keep your bag or at least hand-kerchief in your chair before leaving or else you should be ready to sit on floor. I adopted the first method. So, my chair escaped. Then again clicked the play button.

At last the movie got over. I looked around the bay, everyone was busy doing their work. I got a feeling somewhere in the edge of my heart, “Are we wasting our time”. Then immediately, I opened the company browser and searched for some online courses that can be completed in 10 – 15 days. As usual got lacs of results. I clicked on the first link, a pop-up opened stating “The site become unresponsive”. Then I clicked the second link, again a pop-up opened stating “The site become unresponsive”. I felt ‘uh’. Then I clicked the third link, again the same pop-up stating, “The site become unresponsive and clearly notifies a message because of the long time, the session is not responding, and will give an option to kill the page or continue with the process”. A doubt cracked in my mind, the systems lying in the ITP location for a long time may be a reason for its slowness. Then, there from, I have got a clear message, lying in the bench for long time intervals is never good for system and employees too. Then I put that computer to sleep mode. Slowly again took my phone to watch the second movie. But Battery low. Note: Please don’t forget to take the charging cable. Then after a nap, marked my evening attendance and successfully completed my first day of bench. Still stories yet to come.