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My Mother is very enthusiastic and made me to attend all sort of Extra-curricular activities during my school Days. 5:30 am to 9:00 am I will go to the Cricket Coaching; After that will refresh myself and after having breakfast from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm will attend the ABACUS class; Will reach home after cycling for almost 30 mins which involves crossing GST Road. Main Road crossing with Cycle is huge activity at that age. I love to go to ABACUS class mainly because of this thrilling involved. I will be going in my cycle and my mother will follow me walking the whole distance. I will cycle to each checkpoint like near railway gate, traffic signal, each street ends... and I will wait till my mother walks near me, then I will go to the next checkpoint.

She will follow till the ABACUS Class and go home. At Sharp 11:50 she will be at the ABACUS Class and we will come to home the same way. Only Parents will do these, no one else will. After my Lunch, I will drive to Drawing / Painting Class from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. After Tiffin, will go to chess class followed by yoga Class from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Even after the tight schedule more than the CEO of the topmost company I will be doing my homework till 9:00 pm. I used to sleep at early and wake early type till college. After joining IT everything, rest is history. It is not simple as simple it is. For Cricket coaching, we should get all sort of armors, starting from head-helmet, hand gloves, hand pads, abdomen guard, thigh pad, batting pads, keeping pads, wicket keeping gloves, Willow bat, shoes... They used to spend for all these and even spend more for any wear and tear.

To Attend cricket coaching on Friday Evening 3:15 pm to 6:15 pm my mother will come to my school at 3:00 pm, carrying cricket kit from home with cricket dress and boost in a cup to my school by walk and ask permission to my principal. I will be very happy to bunk my last period every Friday and will be ready and go to the cricket coaching. I don't know the pain of my mother carrying almost 15 kgs of cricket kit for more than three quarter kilometers. I could feel that my mother is very happy when wave my hand in front of school gate in my cycle, and i will leave to the cricket coaching. When it comes to various inter tournaments and intra tournaments we need to go to various locations in Chennai. She will never hesitate to take me up to any location, she will be sitting simply in the cricket ground for the full match from morning to evening.

Most of the tournament matches I will be 12th man. Even though she will never show his face to me. She will mix the glucose for the players and I will take it for them. One of the matches I was playing at 8th down, the partner of mine was playing well. All I need to do is just to give him the strike. My coach told me that if I stand till last, he told he will buy me ice-cream. Fortunately, I managed to rotate the strike and we won the match. After the match for all the players our team and the opposite team, my mother bought packs and packs of ice-creams. Most memorable moment.

When it comes to ABACUS class, she will take me to all mathematical competitions in Chennai. All sorts of brushes, Steadler pencils, Canvas, paints, ... whatever required she made it available for me. One of the Exhibition at Mount Road, our students were asked to draw 10 pics each and each should be Framed. Even though my art was not that much good for sale, my parents encouraged me will all sort of finance. Chess boards, coins, Clock timer for my chess class. She took me and will be with me all day for various chess competitions.

All the Classes I did with my full involvement, even though I could not be able to succeed extra-ordinary well in any of my extra-curricular. During my secondary schooling in replacement of ABACUS class she took me to Math’s and Science Olympiad which is taught in City Area. Later my secondary schooling, I went to Carnatic Music class, she used to take me to class in Auto every weekend. I just left the class because I am the only boy in the Class. I didn't realize the effort and time that everybody has put in.

Even though I studied in a normal school, She made all sort of environment that a best child can have. She made me competitive in various fields. She had given her best with all effort utmost. Till now I am striving to achieve a thing that will make my Mother proud.

All she need is I should be success in all the things that I involve in. I didn't achieve anything big in any field yet.

But I will try and try till I achieve anything big which make her proud. Many of my relative will tell why you are sending your son to various classes even the before day of exams. She used to tell me, that you should not compromise your extra-curricular because of your curricular and similar in vice-versa.

Never Forget your Parents, they are the reason why you are and who you are.

They will never let you down at any cost.

Respect your parents and the whole world will respect you. Spread Love and happiness.