3D Animation

3D Modeling and Animation becoming the most hot skill because of its various demands. Three-dimensional modeling is used for various end-use applications, including video games, AR-based applications, 3D printing, motion pictures, marketing, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), manufacturing and scientific and medical imaging.
3D animation is being widely used in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities worldwide are using three-dimensional animation as part of the processes to develop treatments and medicines, as well as to aid in surgical procedures.
We are teaching 3D modeling and Animation from A to Z where you can learn designing a 3D model from basics till designing a Architectural Buildings. (Refer 10 days continuous course section). In this session we are going to create a 3D Game by modeling the objects and workspace environment and making it link to various keyboard and mouse actions.

The process of creating 3D animations can be sequentially divided into three basic phases: 3D Modeling, 3D Layout and Animation & 3D Rendering.

Agenda of the Workshop

  • Beginning of the session we will discuss about the Intoduction of Software and interface.
  • Introduction to various shortcuts and hands-on Activities on 3D modelling.
  • Introduction to 3D Game and environment
  • Character Movement and Game logics
  • Keyboard & Mouse Movement
  • Exporting your First 3D Game (Rendering)
  • Please make sure that you are taking care of below items.

  • Desktop PC or Laptop PC
  • Wired / wireless mouse (is mandatory)
  • 3D Software (Link and steps to Download will be provided after Registration)
  • Here comes the bitter part, but it is not that huge as you think. We are Teaching at very minimal price and for School Students we are providing at 20% discount rate. Full One Day session (10 am to 4 pm)

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